Garbage Chute & Linen Chute Systems

Garbage Chute

More and more buildings are being built as high-rise units to save space in the city midst's. To dispose of waste and garbage in an easy and effective way these building requires chutes running all the way through the building thereby making it easy for the tenants to dispose of their waste and garbage. FourLinks specializes in the supply and installing these chutes suitable for Hi-rise buildings. Our chutes are made up of stainless steel sheets with each floor having an intake door with cleaning and fire fighting sprinklers. Exhaust is provided on the roof top inside the top most section of chute for flushing out the foul smell whatever generated inside the garbage chute..

Garbage Chute

Garbage chute provides an easy and convenient method of garbage collection in multi-storied buildings. Garbage chute is the best way to consolidate garbage from around the building into a single location for easier collection. Manufactured from Stainless steel grade 304 sheets and chute thickness varies from 1.5 mm to 3mm. Chutes are available with a diameter of 500mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm and 900mm. We will also manufacture to customer’s special requirements

Linen Chute

Linen chute are installed in multi-storied hospitals and hotels for vertical movement of soiled linen/laundry. Our chutes meet most stringent requirement of environment, health and safety.


Chute with Bi-Sorter System

  • Press the recyclable push button to throw the recyclable wastes
  • Then the corresponding signal is passing to the main control panel which gives the information to actuator. The actuator starts functioning and it actuates the movable Separator door to open the recyclable delivery port. Same time the non-recyclable port will be closed completely. This will take 3 seconds to move Separator Door 600 mm radial distance (from recyclable to non-recyclable port).
  • Open the hopper door only when the push button lights ON. And throw the garbage which will be collected in Recyclable Trolley placed under the Bi- Sorter Unit. At the same time all other hopper doors will be locked automatically.
  • Same procedure is for Non- Recyclable wastes.

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