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Four Links Building Contracting LLC Was established in 2012 under ‘Special Category’ in the U.A.E. it is one of the best- developed and modernized contracting companies in Dubai and all Emirates in UAE. It was established by forming a highly motivated team of engineers and support staff with long track records in the UAE. It has built its reputation by introducing innovative state of art technologies in concept, development, design, planning, scheduling and execution of projects..

We, Four Links Building Maintenance LLC, as one of the Contractor in Dubai with a long professional history in the field of building maintenance & Steel works. We Deal with all fields of building Construction, Metal & Steel works like Preparation of Drawings, Getting Approvals from Authorities, Supervision & Execution of Projects. We are team motivated, experienced and committer professionals who prove their in various projects with appreciation from respectable clients.

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Why Choose Building Contracting Services by Four Links Group?

Dependable and Honest

Equity and honesty are the basis of our business ethics if it’s managing the clients, vendors or even fellow team members. The owners and workforce of the four links building contracting LLC, one of the most dynamic building contracting companies in UAE, are in the contracting business as they are passionate about it. We have an immense dedication to whatever project we undertake and take pride in the end outcome.


The owners and workforce of four links building contracting LLC are backed by extensive years of experience in building contracting and a proven track record. Our experience makes certain that the projects will be completed to perfection and with the utmost professionalism. We also count on only estimable and proven material suppliers and subcontractors. Our company also have a team of highly adept and experienced engineers and support staff.

Organisation Size

We are one of the best-developed building contracting companies in UAE, focusing on value, functionality and quality craftsmanship. We accent on personal attention to customers and action-oriented management style. But we are large enough to deal with big projects and possess the capacity to schedule works sooner and to finish expeditiously.


We endeavour to assure you a great value for the money spent. Our comprehensive proposals assure you that there won’t be any hidden surprises along the way and you know to the hilt what you will get. ​We have a team of seasoned and staunch professionals who make the most of their diverse skills and vast experience to make the detail-oriented approach required to commence projects and enable the successful completion of all our projects.


When we go ahead with the project, we commit ourselves to get it completed in the most timely manner possible. We utilise state-of-the-art tools, technology and techniques to execute the work expeditiously, making us one of the best building contracting companies in Sharjah.

Office Management

Along with offering quality fieldwork, we also top off the management of our projects with the utmost professionalism. Comprehensive estimating, permitting, proposals, and subcontractor/material collaboration is vital to a great project.

Best Building Contracting in Dubai Trusted by Many

We are committed to foster a great partnership, trustworthiness and transparency with our customers in lieu of a customer-contractor bond. And our customers are completely cognisant that we have the prowess, know-how and resources to finish the projects to perfection on time.

We most importantly concern the environment, safety and health. We adhere to strict safety regimes and quality procedures and endeavour to constantly enhance its performance.

Take a great deal of pride accomplishments that we ascribe to the dedication of our staff, whose remarkable prowess is the important value of the success of our organisation, one of the top building contracting companies UAE. All the credits go to our dedicated team of engineers and staff members; we have been successful in manifesting that we can deliver on our promises. We can stand out in our performance to our clientele's contentment.

Right from the inception of our company in the year 2012, it has been a much challenging journey for us. Having started as a small business, at present, we are one of the best building contracting companies in Dubai. And the main challenge we face at present is to perpetuate the growth we have brought about till date. We take pride in our past, we have a great present and we await a promising tomorrow.

The said capabilities of four links building contracting LLC makes us step ahead of our contenders. The on-hand experience put together prevails to be a great edge for our customers, contractors and consultants in which the collaboration is expected for the successful completion of the project in a timely manner.

Also we offer

  • Thermal Insulation Works

  • Interior works

  • Painting works

  • Electromechanical work

  • Shutter works

  • Parking shades

  • CCTV Work

  • Cladding works

  • Handrails

  • Tilesworks

  • Warehouse rack

Four Links Building Maintenance LLC, offer the complete engineering package to clients from the site surveys and specification and also choose the right solutions and offer the right services to client requirements, Our Company has earned a reputation for technical excellence from our clients with complete satisfaction.

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